Watch Paul McGann Winning the Role of the Doctor

Here’s a little treasure to help us celebrate the 50th anniversary of the greatest show in the galaxy: a clip from Paul McGann’s audition for the DOCTOR WHO TV Movie. He’s reading from a scene that never made it into the final script — and he is terrific! It’s no wonder he won the role.

Imagine if this scene had made it onto our screens in 1996 — the Master would officially be the Doctor’s half-brother (instead of merely rumored) and we would know the name of the Doctor’s father. Reportedly, had the movie spawned a new series, the Doctor’s search for Ulysses would have been a main narrative thrust.

Of course, now, see what is essentially “new” Eighth Doctor material makes me miss him all the more. Whatever the faults of the TV Movie, McGann’s performance was not one of them. He was a fantastic Doctor and deserved more time on our TV screens — and the DW Mythos is poorer without him.

Here’s hoping he somehow returns to the series this winter…

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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