Is This a Photo of Three Doctors?

doctors3Can this be an authentic photo from the DOCTOR WHO 50th anniversary story depicting the 10th and 11th Doctors with the John Hurt Doctor? (Is John Hurt really and truly a proper Doctor?) This is purported to be a snapshot taken by a fan when a scene from the anniversary special was shown earlier this week at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival. Is this Matt Smith, David Tennant and Hurt all as the Doctor?

According to Heat magazine, the alleged dialogue that reportedly goes with this alleged scene is said to be:

Hurt: “I’m looking for the Doctor.”

Tennant: “Well, you’ve come to the right place.”

I don’t know what to believe about this. On the one hand, the crappy quality makes one believe this could be legit; on the other hand, the crappy quality makes it easy to fake. Anyone with more than 10 minutes of training with Photoshop can combine images. And Instagram can make a clear photo look just as horrible as this. So I’m not taking a stand on authenticity. If it’s real, fine; if not, who cares? (It’s a pretty dull image anyway.)

2 thoughts on “Is This a Photo of Three Doctors?

  1. So, here’s my timey-wimey take….

    If Tennant met Hurt, wouldn’t he remember being Hurt and know why he’s there and what he’s going to say? And then Smith would remember being Tennant and remember remembering being Hurt but also remember being Hurt. If Hurt and Tennant and Smith could visit Davidson and talk to him (since we’ve already crossed the paraox line we might as well jump in head first because let’s be honest, this is important), Davidson could remember talking to Hurt and Tennant and Smith when he was McGann and avoid being Hurt which would erase the whole nasty mess. Davidson would also know he isn’t going to be ginger for quite some time so maybe he’d stop whining about it.


    • That would seem to be expected, except the Doctors always forget meet themselves. (I think it’s something about the nature of Time that corrects and compensates for paradoxes.) I mean, Tennant remembered the maneuver with Davison in “Timecrash” because they were still together and inside some weird pocket of reality, so we can discount that. And I would say that the Doctors cannot casually decide to visit themselves — but then we run into “The Two Doctors,” when Colin Baker deliberately set out to investigate a problem involving his second incarnation. And what’s coming up with 10 meeting 11… since Rose is involved we have to assume 10 and Rose are taken out of Time during his first season — or else Tennant and Piper don’t “match up” due to being taken out of Time separately. Hmmmmmmm…

      And I’ll never forget Hartnell in “The Three Doctors” saying, “So, there are three of me now, hmmm?” as if he were surprised.

      The way I reconcile it with myself is, whatever the contrivance to gather any number of Doctors together, the memory of the encounter will always fade. Because. Because Laws of Time. I guess.


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