BREAKING BAD 5.11: “Confessions”

BB08251302To tell the truth, Walt’s confession changed everything on this week’s BREAKING BAD.

Of course, it wasn’t so much his confession as a confession by him, but it accomplished what he set out to do — not clear his conscience, but allow himself to sleep at night by putting some distance between himself and Hank by painting Hank as the drug kingpin of the Southwest.

Heisenberg’s alibi is flawless: The only thing the press (and the community) will eat up faster than a meth-king school teacher is a meth-king cop. Especially one who heads up the local office of the DEA. There’s no way Hank could get out from under if Walt indicts him. No one will believe his brother-in-law could have been operating right under his nose for all those months without Hank looking the other way. He’s supposed to be a celebrated supercop, after all, right?
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LOW WINTER SUN 1.3: “No Rounds”

LWSnr03It took three episodes, but LOW WINTER SUN finally indulged in two standard cop-show tropes: the boxing ring and the strip club. Sure took its time getting there! Now it’s starting to resemble a standard cop show more and more.

The boxing interludes came courtesy of Frank (Mark Strong), who is either feeling the need to be physically punished for his sins as a crooked and barely competent cop, or is hoping that he will be battered senseless by a succession of younger, stronger boxers. He gets beat up all right (headgear is for wimps!), but all he gets is a banged-up body to go with his damaged soul.
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