DOCTOR WHO: Peter Jackson Could Be Waiting in the Wings…



DOCTOR WHO’s executive producer, Steven Moffat, appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe theater festival last week and fielded some questions from fans that left me both disappointed and hopeful about the future of the show.

When asked about a possible return for Romana, Moffat replied:

“I have actually given no thought at all to Romana. The Time Lords are dead in my mind. They died.”

This is a grave disappointment to be not only because I have been holding out hope for the restoration of Gallifrey as part of the show’s 50th anniversary celebration, but because I like Romanadvoratrelundar and would love to see her appear again. But this all sounds very, very final to me. Word is that Moffat will be addressing continuity around the messy eighth-ninth Doctor area, and that means the Time War, and that means… the fate of Gallifrey and the Doctor’s role in it. So if Moffat is saying they’re all dead…

On the other hand, the news wasn’t all grim and gritty.

On the topic of the 12th Doctor’s accent, Moffat revealed that Peter Capaldi will likely be using his native Scottish mode of speaking:

“I’d be very surprised if he didn’t.”

As I’ve mentioned before, I’d like Capaldi to use his Scottish accent. It seems only fair, after both Sylvester McCoy and David Tennant were told to suppress the native tongue. And I’ve been able to follow Tennant on BROADCHURCH (though he doesn’t deliver his lines nearly as quickly on that show as he did while playing the 10th Doctor.)

Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson

And there was all that chatter a few months back about Academy Award-winning director Peter Lord of the Rings Jackson wanting to direct an episode. Well, turns out it’s not all fantasy…

“He’s serious about it. We talked at The Hobbit premiere — he just wants a Dalek. So we’ll give him a Dalek and he’ll direct an episode. I think he’d like to us to go to New Zealand. I think it’s entirely possible.”

That sounds dangerously close to an actual confirmation that Jackson will be doing an episode. But only close. We all know how “scheduling difficulties” can scuttle a project.


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