Eye on District 7’s Johanna Mason

It’s the weekend, so why not take a little time away from the “serious” topics like the state of regeneration on DOCTOR WHO to enjoy a little SF eye candy, courtesy of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire?

Part of the movie’s promotional campaign, is to show how the main characters — victors of previous Hunger Games — are treated as media stars and fashion icons after their wins, much as popular athletes are worshipped in today’s society. (Readers of the novel know there’s a dark side to the adulation.)

These images of Johanna Mason — as played by Jena Malone — accompany an article from an imaged fashion magazine, Capitol Couture, in which the District 7 victor discusses her personal style. In “Johanna Mason: Branching Out,” it is revealed that the bodice and plumed collar of this dress are made of sculpted cork! Jena has previously said that the lashes from the movie are real; they come from Japan and Germany!

DOCTOR WHO: Peter Jackson Could Be Waiting in the Wings…



DOCTOR WHO’s executive producer, Steven Moffat, appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe theater festival last week and fielded some questions from fans that left me both disappointed and hopeful about the future of the show.

When asked about a possible return for Romana, Moffat replied:

“I have actually given no thought at all to Romana. The Time Lords are dead in my mind. They died.”

This is a grave disappointment to be not only because I have been holding out hope for the restoration of Gallifrey as part of the show’s 50th anniversary celebration, but because I like Romanadvoratrelundar and would love to see her appear again. But this all sounds very, very final to me. Word is that Moffat will be addressing continuity around the messy eighth-ninth Doctor area, and that means the Time War, and that means… the fate of Gallifrey and the Doctor’s role in it. So if Moffat is saying they’re all dead…
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