Is the Doctor Limited to a Baker’s Dozen of Lives?

drcapaldiThe question of precisely how many lives DOCTOR WHO’s title character will live just refuses die; and lately it’s been regenerating with increasing frequency, thanks to the impending arrival of the Doctor’s 12th incarnation, as well as the suggestion that another Doctor is going to be retroactively inserted into the established order, bumping the Doctors ahead one incarnation.

No matter which number Peter Capaldi will bear when he takes over as the Doctor after this year’s Christmas Special, I believe there must be a way for the last of the Time Lords to persevere — even if Hurt is inserted into the timeline, and Capaldi become the 13th and (apparently) final Doctor.

BTW, what does it say about DW fandom that so many people are already preoccupied with the question of how long Capaldi is staying with the role? The man hadn’t officially been the Doctor for 10 minutes before people started wondering when he will quit. The near-instantaneous speculations on the 13th Doctor struck me as insulting to the incumbent as well as the show. It appears that Capaldi’s professional stature is working against him; folks cannot imagine that the respected actor will stick with the role for very long.
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SURVIVOR Is Coming Back — and Mixing It Up Again

SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATERSURVIVOR is one of those shows with which I have a deep love/hate relationship. I always love the first episode of each series, because it’s exciting and intriguing to see the new cast. The second episode can also be fun, but in more recent seasons — with players more familiar with the show — the gamesmanship has begun to rear its ugly head, and I start to really hate cast members.

From there, my interest can waver severely based on the personalities that take center stage. I quickly become bored with the moustache-twirling villains, and if they get away with their B.S. for than a couple of weeks I find it too frustrating to watch. If the cast is just too dull — like… er, you remember that season recently… the one with… they were on a tropical beach… oh, hell — I won’t even bother watching after the first handful of episodes.

The 27th cycle (yes, 27!), dubbed SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATER, has found yet another way to mix things up while keeping it all familiar: returning players (including Rupert, now on his forth excursion, but no Ozzy) are paired with loved ones and Redemption Island is back — but the rules and game conditions have been altered quite a bit.
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