LOW WINTER SUN 1.2: “The Goat Rodeo”

lowwinter1I’ve decided that what I like about LOW WINTER SUN is the fact that it is not focusing on a pair of super cops. Frank and Joe are actually pretty damn stupid — which could make for an entertaining show. After all, who isn’t tired of wonder cops who hone in on the perp and always manage to finagle a confession?

In the case of this show, the perps are as likely to be police officers as they are to be drug dealers. To wit, Frank (Mark Strong) learns that the headless corpse in murdered cop Brendan McCann’s car belonged to an informant who was going to testify against Brendan and Joe (Lennie James). Oh, and the medical examiner made some interesting finds on Brendan’s corpse: namely that the wrist was broken after death, and he drowned in tap water, not river water — making his death a murder.

How could Joe and Frank not figure the M.E. would test the water in Brendan’s lungs and find chlorinated tap water, not filthy Detroit River sludge? And Frank doesn’t know anything about postmortem injuries? How long has he been a cop, 10 minutes? Postmortem wounds don’t bleed, bozo!

So Frank finally figured out that Joe set him up, so Frank beat the crap out of him (pounding his kidneys, so as not to leave any marks) and almost killed him in the course of squeezing out a confession that Katia is still alive. She fled the country, but Brendan didn’t kill her, as Joe had claimed.

lowwinter2The guys may have torched the house, but the arson squad is going to find the telltale accelerant — and where is Joe’s gun? It wasn’t seen on the bureau as the room went up in flames, but I didn’t see him retrieve it, so did his service weapon get knocked on the floor during their fight, and will it surface in the smoldering ruins of the house, further entangling the guys in this web of murder and lies?

That’s just the kind of thing that would happen to Frank and Joe — but then again, the crooked cops have to catch a break at some point, or the show will be over pretty fast.

My favorite part of the episode was seeing Detective Dani (Athena Karkanis) deliver a verbal beat-down and put that snooty shop owner. She put him in his place. Addressing him directly in Arabic (with subtitles for us), she demanded that he accord her the respect she deserves as a police officer — and reminded him that she is not his wife or sister, so he must respect her. If the shopkeeper could get past his prejudices, he would realize she is trying to protect him.

But will anyone be able to protect Frank and Joe?


Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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