BREAKING BAD 5.9: “Blood Money”

breakbadwSo BREAKING BAD returns after what felt like an interminable 360-month hiatus, with fans foaming at the mouth to see Hank confront Walt with the evidence that he’s been Heisenberg the whole time — and what does the show do? It gives audiences the showdown we’ve been waiting for, right there in the premiere of the final eight episodes.

Most other shows would have teased viewers for weeks by dangling the prospect of that faceoff, but this is BREAKING BAD, a show that is nothing if not in your face — and that’s just where Hank (Dean Norris) punched Walt (Bryan Cranston): right in the face.

But not right away, of course. (Creator/show-runner Vince Gilligan isn’t that silly.) Instead, we open with an odd scene we assume is from the future, because it depicts Walt — complete with a full head of hair and a thick beard — visiting his abandoned and boarded-up home to retrieve his hidden vial of ricin and scares the Jebus out of neighbor Carol, causing her to drop her bag of groceries, spilling out a bunch of oranges. In the Godfather movies, oranges symbolize impending death. So… that doesn’t bode well for… someone…
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