Bill Nighy Approves of Peter Capaldi

doctorblackWhile Peter Capaldi’s casting as the 12th Doctor has been garnering near-universal praise, one celebrity comment stands out for me: Bill Nighy, the wonderful actor who himself turned down the role of the Ninth Doctor, has given Capaldi the thumbs-up.

Nighy, who played art critic Dr. Black in the brilliant “Vincent and the Doctor,” told

“I think it’s one of those things you read and you think, ‘Well, of course Peter Capaldi is going to be Doctor Who, it makes perfect sense.’ He’s a wonderful actor, and I would think he’ll be a terrific Doctor. He’ll be very funny, dry, elegant and sharp, and I think it makes perfect sense.”

While I was hoping for Nighy to be offered the role of the 12th Doctor, now I want him to be the new Master! He would make a kick-ass evil Time Lord!