BROADCHURCH Should Have Broad Appeal in USA

broadchurch1I quite enjoyed last night’s premiere of BROADCHURCH on BBC America, but I definitely didn’t see anything that was very “new” or “groundbreaking” — which is the way the series is being sold. BROADCHURCH is a police procedural about the murder of an 11-year-old boy in a British seaside town, and how the killing affects everyone in town.

Perhaps its storytelling is new for a series in the UK, but BROADCHURCH reminded me instantly of TWIN PEAKS, but without the supernatural elements: the death of a child shakes a small town to its core. I expect future installments to reveal the dead boy Danny was involved in a secret conspiracy that affects a lot of adults in town and reaches into the local school — just like Laura Palmer’s situation.  It’s even mimicking the law-enforcement dynamic: the local cop who knows everyone in town teamed with the eccentric “expert” from somewhere else.
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Riddick Clip Looks Bloody Amazing

I don’t know how this slipped by me, but there’s a red-band trailer for Riddick out there, and I’ve only just seen it. And by “seen it” I mean “been blown away” by it. There’s a lot of violence and a lot of blood in this clip, so that’s why it’s restricted and you have to sign in to see it at YouTube. But that’s also what makes it so bleeding cool.

Riddick should make September a little easier to bear.