Will Sunday Be 12th Doctor Day?

tardisA sudden flurry of rumors suggests that the 12th Doctor will be named this Sunday, Aug. 4, on a special episode of DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL on the BBC.

I hope this is true because I am sick of all the useless speculation clogging up the web while folks have nothing better to do. And we can stop all the inane “Will the next Doctor be a woman” chatter that mostly just hurts peoples’ feelings. Also, I really want to know what the next Doctor is going to look like.

Peeking Behind Pacific Rim

I love those behind-the-scenes featurettes on DVD and Blu-ray — few things are more fun than seeing a bunch of actors scrambling around in front of green screens — so I am excited to get a peek at how the wizards behind Pacific Rim managed to bring those giant robots and monsters to life for director Guillermo Del Toro‘s love letter to kaiju movies.

Riddick Stars in Motion Comic Prequel

When last we saw Vin Diesel‘s Riddick, at the conclusion of 2004’s The Chronicles of Riddick, he had just become Lord Marshall of the Necromongers — and no one imagined that his reign would be simple. Now, in a motion comic bridges the gap between the last movie and Sept. 6’s Riddick, setting the stage for the sequel that returns the character to the animalistic roots seen in 2000’s Pitch Black.

This video — featuring Diesel himself voicing Riddick — gives us a taste of the convict’s life at the top; and let’s just say that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

I think this looks pretty awesome, and I’m really looking forward to Riddick‘s release.