Gunn Rides Shotgun in Guardians’ Galaxy

GoTGlineupOne of the most interesting points to come out of the Guardians of the Galaxy panel at San Diego was, I think, the amount of faith that Marvel and Joss Whedon are showing in James Gunn as he guides this very important film, which is currently shooting in England.

Just think about it for a moment: GoTG is not a well-known property, yet Marvel is throwing a lot of money at it and making it a pivotal film in its movie universe. What’s more, they are apparently encouraging the creative force behind the movie to make it as gonzo as possible!

Gunn told Blastr:

“I don’t think of it as darkly comedic. I do think of it as me, I’ve got to say that. There is a lot of James Gunn in this movie. It’s a strange thing because when I turned in the first draft to Kevin [Feige], Marvel and Joss [Whedon], they read it and were very happy. Their biggest note was ‘more James Gunn,’ and it freaked the hell out of me. So more James Gunn is in the movie, and I think it’s a really unique movie. But with every movie I do, I am speaking to a certain side of myself and [to] a certain audience. With a movie like Super, I’m speaking to a really specific person that will appreciate that movie. When I’m doing a movie like Guardians, it really is for a much broader audience, for everybody to see on a Friday night and enjoy in a different way. I appreciate both those types of movies.

“Guardians is about a family coming together. It’s about a group of individuals who have acted selfishly, and only as individuals throughout their life, learning something about themselves that makes them heroes.”


Ellen as Boltie in “Super”

BTW, if you have not seen Gunn’s 2010 movie Super, starring Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page, it is most definitely worth a rental, because it is a very… peculiar superhero movie examines what a real-life superhero scenario might look like. And, ultimately, it isn’t very pretty. But I liked it.

Getting back to GoTG, based on the artwork above, does anyone else think Groot is looking rather… un-tree-like? His arboreal aspects seem to be downplayed a bit much for my taste. But I can deal — provided his speech pattern is maintained. If Chewbecca could get away with growling in all those Star Wars flicks, then “I am Groot” is perfectly logical dialogue for any situation in this movie.

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