The Wolverine’s Red Underwear Clip

HBO cornered star Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold and somehow convinced them to talk about their latest collaboration, The Wolverine, and introduce a new scene from the action film.

Looks like fun — even if the pool gag has been done before.

The Wolverine opens this weekend.

Gunn Rides Shotgun in Guardians’ Galaxy

GoTGlineupOne of the most interesting points to come out of the Guardians of the Galaxy panel at San Diego was, I think, the amount of faith that Marvel and Joss Whedon are showing in James Gunn as he guides this very important film, which is currently shooting in England.

Just think about it for a moment: GoTG is not a well-known property, yet Marvel is throwing a lot of money at it and making it a pivotal film in its movie universe. What’s more, they are apparently encouraging the creative force behind the movie to make it as gonzo as possible!
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