A Look at Some New Movie Posters

With the San Diego Comic-Con just about to get under way, geeks of all stripes are bracing for a torrent of information, teases and images on hundreds of projects, so I wanted to get some pre-con releases squared away before San Diego buries us in an avalanche of new material.

Here is a look at a few new posters that caught my eye. There’s more stuff out there, but it didn’t interest me (I’m looking at you, poster for Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow or 300: Rise of an Empire or I, Frankenstein).

My favorite poster from this group is Riddick, hands-down, followed by Godzilla and then Carrie. The Winter Soldier piece is starkly beautiful, but the Alex Ross painting leaves me cold.

The Chloë Grace Moretz likeness on the Carrie poster is not very good, but I dig the overall effect and horizontal flow of the sheet. I love the idea of forming Godzilla out of shattered buildings, but I wish the art style was less cartoony and more CG-realistic. And, while it may be realistic for paint to chip and wear off Captain America’s shield, there’s just something about vibranium getting scratched that rubs me the wrong way. Finally, and frankly, I think Ross’ style here is too bright for an effective zombie painting. I’ve seen him do plenty of terrific covers with lots of shadows and darkness; this ain’t one.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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