Orson Scott Card Wants Your Tolerance… Or Your Money

posterA long time ago, Orson Scott Card wrote the novel Ender’s Game, and a lot of people really loved it. More recently, a movie adaptation of that book was mounted, and lots of people really loved that idea. Then it came out that Card was against same-sex marriage and opposed to lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender rights in general — and lot of people definitely did not love that.

Some people did not love it so much that they have called for a boycott of the Ender’s Game movie, noting that Card’s intolerant actions have included joining the board of the National Organization for Marriage, fighting and opposing gay adoption and a safe-schools initiative.

A group called Geeks OUT has launched “Skip Ender’s Game,” a movement asking fans to do exactly that, with the idea of denying Card any further royalties from the property. A series of SEG events are scheduled in New York, Orlando, Seattle and other cities, timed to the movie’s Nov. 1 release.
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Will ‘Snowpiercer’ Be Another Failed Graphic Novel Adaptation?

Highly-regarded Korean writer/director Bong Joon-ho (The Host) has managed to come up with one of the worst ideas for a movie that I’ve heard since… well, since somebody suggested Gore Verbinski make a Lone Ranger movie. Bong has written and directed the graphic novel adaptation Snowpiercer.

The movie purports to tell the tale of the last survivors of the human race riding on a train that endlessly circles the globe following a new ice age that wipes out most living things on Earth. Seriously, that’s the premise. The story sees the “freeloaders” who live at the end of the train attempt a revolution by seizing the engine of the train from the privileges upper class at the front of the train.

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