The Hairstory of the 11th Doctor

shavedMore than any other Doctor, Matt Smith’s incarnation seems tied to his hair. Oh, sure, Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor was once described as “all teeth and curls,” but it was his scarf that defined that version of the Time Lord. But from the moment he was cast, Smith’s hair was the focal point.

It could be because the initial publicity photos (and the cover of Doctor Who Magazine) all depicted him with what appeared to be a hairstyle rejected by English New Wave band A Flock of Seagulls. I know that was my initial reaction. (And then, like everyone else, I opined, “He looks to young.” Live and learn.) Or, it could be the fact that Smith’s shock of floppy hair was incorporated into in the look of the 11th Doctor — and the way his mop top always seemed to inject itself into scenes in that inaugural season of stories.

But now that Matt has left the role, the very first thing he did was shave off all that hair — all of it — and take a role diametrically opposite to that of the Doctor (a murderer in Ryan Gosling’s How To Catch a Monster). These were both extremely smart moves.
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Matt Smith Says Goodbye to All That

I’m fairly sure most of my Whovian friends/readers have seen Matt Smith’s video farewell to DOCTOR WHO fans, but I’ve only just been able to the clip in a format that I can embed here, so I’m posting it now. Matt recorded the message in June while filming How To Catch a Monster on location in Detroit, and it still tears my heart out to watch it.

I’m really too sad to say much about it beyond the fact that this is clearly Matt being Matt — and one of the biggest reasons I’ll miss him in the role.