For the Two Doctor Anniversary Story, Time Is of the Essence

smithtennant2When the official 50th anniversary story, featuring Matt Smith and David Tennant as the 11th and 10th Doctors, respectively, unspools on Nov. 23, time will be on everyone’s thoughts — not the timey-wimey explanation for what brought two incarnations of the Time Lord together, but rather much more technical aspect: running time of the episode.

Fans were understandably underwhelmed when early publicity material hinted at a 60-minute story; surely the 50th anniversary warranted some extra time — especially if it wasn’t going to be an “all surviving Doctors” extravaganza.

Show runner Steven Moffat remained content to drop thickly veiled hints and the length of tale he had penned for the occasion, and that only served to rile up fans who were beginning to feel taken advantage of. But Moffat has come clean at least — well, as “clean” as the notoriously fan-baiting executive producer can be. He told a writer for Entertainment Weekly:

“It’s a special episode. I think you could call it movie-length, yeah. I mean, I’m saying that with a slight hint of vagueness because I don’t know the finished running time. [Laughs] It’s certainly well over an hour.”

So… 61 minutes, then, and not one second less?
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The “Return” of the First Doctor!

bradleyhartnellThis is a promotional image from AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME!, this fall’s BBC TV-movie that dramatizes the early years of DOCTOR WHO as part of the celebration of the series’ 50th anniversary.

Here we see David Bradley (Solomon from “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”) looking amazingly similar to the late, great William Hartnell, the man who started it all.

Rumor has it that a trailer will be unveiled at Comic-Con International: San Diego next week.