Take Cover! It’s a Sharknado!

sharknadoDon’t think; just enjoy the madcap awesomeness of this poster for SyFy’s Sharknado. Even if the title Sharknado doesn’t exactly roll trippingly off the tongue, it is nonetheless inspired.

This is sort of like Snakes on a Plane, in the sense that the title is the movie, but the image — as fantastic as it is — does make one wonder how the sharks got in the tornado in the first place. Well, the studio synopsis explains all that:

When a freak hurricane swamps Los Angeles, thousands of sharks terrorize the waterlogged populace. And when the high-speed winds form tornadoes in the desert, nature’s deadliest killer rules water, land, and air.

The humans battling this unnatural natural disaster are Tara Reid (American Pie), Cassie Scerbo (Make It or Break It), Ian Ziering (Beverly Hills 90210) and John Heard (Home Alone). So, nothing to worry about there…

Sharknado strikes SyFy on July 11.

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