The Coolest ‘Pacific Rim’ Trailer Yet

Here’s a trailer for Pacific Rim that makes it look truly epic — both for the robots and the humans inside them.

I love the way that Idris Elba’s big speech is intercut with the scenes of destruction and how Rinko Kikuchi’s heavy breathing conveys nervousness and fear. Put that human element together with impeccable visual effects and we could have a real blockbuster on our hands.

Of course, Pacific Rim does face something of an uphill battle at the box office because one of the very few big-budget summer movies that is not a sequel, so the general public has to want to take a chance on it. I really hope they do, in this summer in which the name-brand films — Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel — have stumbled so badly.

Pacific Rim opens July 12.