Recovery of Missing DOCTOR WHO shows a Hoax?


“Marco Polo”

That rumored recovered trove of lost DOCTOR WHO episodes may turn out to be false for the most heartbreaking and painful of reasons: The whole thing may be a hoax. Yes, a hoax. What kind of a sadist would derive pleasure from pretending to hold episodes of an old TV show?

As I wrote about last week, a long-running rumor that a large number of missing episodes from the shows first six years became substantial enough for reputable outlets to report on it. I stress now (as I did last week) that these reports were and continue to be only rumors… and the latest developments strongly indicate there may be no truth to those stories. Although, due to the very nature of this “news,” even the denials are technically rumors of denials.

Worst of all is the extent of the hoax (if it is a hoax). It now turns out that 90 of the missing 106 episodes were said to be among the episodes recovered! 90 — leaving just 16 elusive installments. The exact number of found episodes was left out of website reports last weeks, as were the specific stories involved. That gigantic number of recovered episodes — again, 90! — is a red flag itself; almost the whole kit-and-caboodle returned in one fell swoop? Talk about wish fulfillment! That sounds totally too good to be true.

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New Riddick Trailer: More Action — and French Subtitles!

This international trailer for Riddick doubles-down on the action with lots of new footage and a better looks at some of the new monsters. This clip also makes the movie look like Pitch Black 2 — which would not be a bad thing in my book at all…

Riddick, starring Vin Diesel, opens Sept. 6 (in the USA).