World War Z Poster Is… Zzzzzzz

worldwarzIn contrast to the action-packed, evocative poster just released for the giant robot movie Pacific Rim, here we have a lousy one-sheet for Brad Pitt’s (very) troubled zombie movie, World War Z.

One would not expect a fight for survival against zombies to be so dull — unless you’ve read the absolutely wretched novel on which this flick is based. Look at all the wasted, dark space in the right side of the poster. And Brad Pitt — one of the planet’s top movie stars — is looking away from the viewer. At least Brad isn’t looking over his shoulder at us, they so many other posters would have posed him. Oh, and those military helicopters? Yep, soaring away from the viewer. And away from the burning buildings.

Something really interesting seems to be going on someplace else, but here we are, stuck on a rooftop with Brad Pitt’s back and a bunch of shadows. I wonder if there’s a fun movie happening… out there in the distance… where we aren’t? Even Brad doesn’t want to be here.