Matt Smith Introduces ‘The Name of the Doctor’

Let Matt Smith, the Doctor himself, deliver one last tease about tonight’s DOCTOR WHO season seven finale. Welcome back old friends and enemies!

I’m holding out hope that we don’t get the Doctor’s real name; I don’t want that secret uncovered, because the mystery around the central character helps keep him and the show interesting.

What do you hope to see in the season-capper?

Matt and Jenna-Louise Introduce the Finale

We’re now hours away from the seventh-season finale of DOCTOR WHO, and with an intriguing title like “The Name of the Doctor” how can fans help but be more excited than usual?

Even Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara) and Matt Smith (the Doctor) are totally psyched about it:

Will we learn the Doctor’s name? A large part of me hopes not, but let’s watch and see what happens and how it is handled. Just a few more precious hours to go…