New Catching Fire Poster Doesn’t Spark

catchingfireposterMaybe it’s me, but I’m having difficulty getting behind this poster for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. We see Katniss Everdeen (as portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence) standing atop a mountain with her bow and… well, just standing there. Just like Man of Steel, it’s another promotional misfire.

I think the image is rather static and dull and conveys nothing about the action expected to be in this flick. Also, the look — like it was done with pastels or colored pencils — is… different. The clouds that look like wings behind Katniss are a little too heavy-handed for me. To me, it looks like the marketing people are trying to create a sense of romantic adventure more than set the stage for a love triangle.

The image seems to be going over well with… a certain segment of the fandom, but I’m not a a booster. I really hope this isn’t the final official one-sheet for the movie. This should just be another in the series, and there’s plenty of time to get it right.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens Nov. 22.

A “Name of the Doctor” Gallery

Here are the images the BBC has released to promote the series seven finale, “The Name of the Doctor,” airing this weekend.

None of these photos is a spoiler — unless you haven’t seen the “Next Time” trailers for the upcoming episode, in which case, I strongly advise you to avert your eyes!

Catch the finale at 8 p.m. Saturday on BBC America.