What’s In a Name, Doctor?

namebadgeClearly, I wasn’t the first (or even last) to question whether Steven Moffat will actually reveal the Doctor’s real name in the season finale of DOCTOR WHO, but the question is getting a lot of attention across the pond.

I think Moffat’s latest comment can be taken as backpedaling a bit from the name-revelation:

“There’s going to be a revelation. I’m not teasing. I’m not wrong-footing you — you’re about to learn something about the Doctor that you never knew before.”

But is that something the Doctor’s name? Or will it be something else, like, say, the real reason the Doctor left Gallifrey — which would be a fun fact to learn, but it’s not his name.

reservedMoffat adds:

“There’s often an element of throwing in some lovely names, and then figuring it out later, but I’ve always had a sort of plan for the Doctor and Trenzalore…. Things will be resolved. Things I’ve left hanging in plain sight — and sometimes not in plain sight — will be tied up…. I feel as though we’re going to deliver. We’ve only just finished shooting the actual completed ending — it’s ridiculously secret — but it’s quite a thing, hopefully.”

So it’s all part of the massive Moffat worldview. He’s been planting the seeds for this story from the beginning? Hiding stuff in plain sight? Wait, the Doctor’s real name cannot be Trenzalore, can it?

Well, what do you think: Will we learn his real name, or is this some kind of dodge that will give us another of his nicknames, like Theta Sigma?


3 thoughts on “What’s In a Name, Doctor?

    • Personally, I don’t want to learn the Doctor’s name (because I feel it would be underwhelming, no matter what it is), so I hope you’re right and that Moffat has thought up some elaborate way of getting around the issue while remaining true to his word.


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