It’s Official: No Classic Doctors for 50th

all11docsIt comes as little surprise, but it’s still a crushing blow for longtime fans of DOCTOR WHO: The official word is there will be no classic Doctors in the 50th anniversary story.

We all knew that the buzz was against classic Doctors, but many old-time fans like myself continued to hold out hope that the scuttlebutt was a case of show-runner Steven Moffat lying. But such was not to be. (Caveat: This could still be an elaborate ruse — but it sure as Rassilon doesn’t look that way.)

The authorized, authoritative Doctor Who Magazine carried the official notification that only the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, and 10th Doctor David Tennant will be appearing in the story. And, hey, that’s pretty exciting in and of itself. In any other season we’d be shouting from the rooftops that Tennant is back!


But some of us were still hoping against hope for all the living Doctors to at least cameo if not team up. (And, with actor David Bradley already being made up as the First Doctor for AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME…) Ah, well…


2 thoughts on “It’s Official: No Classic Doctors for 50th

  1. Reblogged this on Musings of a Mild Mannered Man and commented:
    While this come as no surprise to many, I was really holding out that some form of nod to the classic series could be done in the 50th Anniversary episode.

    I understand why and can sort of accept that the show has moved on and that, like many, including myself, the past Doctors have either shuffled off their mortal coil or aged too much to really justify having them on screen. That being the case I feel that maybe the show should have held off and had a 10th Anniversary episode for the ‘New Who’ era, and just left the 50th with the Adventures In Time And Space Special.


  2. Reblogged this on Geek Loves and commented:
    No Capt. Jack and no reunion of living Doctor actors? No joy in Whoville. I accept that the past “bring the doctors” together has always been a bit of a nightmare for writers but the 50TH! Seriously, they at least owe us some cameos. I find it particularly disheartening as the death of Lis Sladen and the loss of Sarah Jane is still so fresh. Human actors aren’t immortal. Let us love them while we can. C’mon, Moffat, give us something new with our old loves in it.


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