An Ode to the TARDIS

Here in the USA, we’re just a few hours from venturing deeper inside the Doctor’s wonderful and amazing ship, the TARDIS, than ever before thanks to this week’s episode of DOCTOR WHO, “Journey to the Center of the TARDIS.”

To celebrate, the BBC has put together this wonderful clip package that highlights the TARDIS’ role in the show over the past 50 years. It’s really wonderful to see all the incarnations of the Doctor expressing his love for the machine — the very best spaceship/time capsule in the entire universe… of fact or fiction!

Matt Smith Introduces Tonight’s DOCTOR WHO

It really is bigger on the inside!

Matt Smith (the Doctor) tells us what to expect in tonight’s episode — and why he thinks it’s a winner. (As if the clips we’ve seen haven’t been enough to stoke the fires.)

I really hope this turns out to be a crackerjack episode, because this story is going to be remembered by fans and become series cannon — until another story picks up the premise of the looking at the TARDIS’ interior.

One thing does concern me: In all the publicity I’ve seen for this episode, no one has mentioned the Sontaran patrol that took off into the depths of the TARDIS in the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) classic “The Invasion of Time” and was never seen again. Are those clones still inside?

Perhaps we’ll find out tonight at 8 o’clock on BBC America