First Trailer for Thor: The Dark World

Wouldn’t it be great if the Thor sequel is really good and Marvel continues its cinematic winning streak? The more I see of this flick, the more I like it.

As this bombastic trailer shows, Thor: The Dark World will be full of demigods hitting/throwing/smashing things, Malekith and the evil Dark Elves, shouting, Sif, Odin — and a lot more Jane Foster than I was expecting, given Natalie Portman’s widely reported reluctance to return for the sequel. But I guess the Oscar winner is being a trouper and fulfilling her contractual obligations. On the plus side: Natalie’s unhappiness could translate into real peril for Jane — she might actually be killed off!

This looks like a clever way to inject Loki into the story when the main villain is someone else: Make him the Hannibal Lector of Asgard. Malekith is such a formidable foe that Thor is forced to seek help from the greatest evil the Eternal Realm has ever known: Kenny G Loki!

Look for the movie Nov. 8.