New Star Trek’s Spock vs. the Volcano

Forget this “John Harrison” and whether or not he’s Khan Noonian Singh — watch this clip, in which the crew of the Enterprise tries to prevent Spock (Zachary Quinto) from being barbecued inside a volcano even as he quotes Starfleet regulations to discourage them.

Looks pretty exciting to me, but we’ll all learn how it plays out on May 17, when Star Trek Into Darkness opens.

DOCTOR WHO 7.9: “Hide”

DWhide1Somewhere, Philip Hinchcliffe and the late Robert Holmes are smiling.

Former DOCTOR WHO producer Hinchcliffe and story editor Holmes (famous for their scary Fourth Doctor horror collaborations, like “The Horror of Fang Rock”) surely would have been proud to have produced “Hide,” the truly terrifying ghost story current producer Steven Moffat seems to have been looking for since he took over. Thank Neil Cross – creator of hardboiled cop show LUTHER and scripter of the unjustly pooh-poohed “The Rings of Akhaten” – and director Jamie Payne for this moody instant masterpiece.
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DOCTOR WHO 7.8: “Cold War”

DWcoldwar3DOCTOR WHO viewers have already experienced “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” so why not an “Ice Warrior on a Submarine”? Following a pair of run-ins with both the Second and Third versions of the Doctor, the Martians have not been seen on TV screens in 39 years.

The Ice Warriors are a reptilian race who were forced to become cybernetic to survive when Mars began to get cold. The giant green armor helps the Ice Warriors to live and fight, and while the carapaces may not be sleek and sexy or as menacing as a Cyberman, the Ice Warriors are definitely cool.
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DOCTOR WHO 7.7: “The Rings of Akhaten”

DWakhaten2I’ve been telling people for a while that the 11th Doctor can be positively mad sometimes, and here we get an episode in which the Doctor is literally barking!

We also get important information about the origin of Clara Oswald: She is… well, nothing special. Which is interesting, because the Clara we know is far from ordinary. It’s not every day we meet a barmaid/governess/soufflé chef/Dalek who has died onscreen twice, right?

Curious, the Doctor (Matt Smith) follows Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) in the past and discovers that her parents met cute (her father, blinded by a falling leaf, stumbled into traffic and her mother saved him) and her mother died young, when Clara was a teen. Clara keeps the leaf in her book, 101 Places to See, which belonged to her mother.
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