A Big Hint About the 10th Doctor’s Reappearance…


Doctor on call

Thanks to photos leaked from DOCTOR WHO location filming in South Wales, it would seem the 10th Doctor who appears in this fall’s 50th anniversary story will come from a time near a certain existing story. Combining the location photos with the confirmed information that the Doctor is accompanied by Rose gives some inkling as to when he comes from.

Since the photo could be considered a spoiler, I’ll push that image to the page after the cut. Make the jump at your own risk!

The leaked photos depict guest star Joanna Page wearing a bright red wig and fancy dress from an earlier time period. Britain’s Daily Mirror (which obtained and published the pics) suggested Page is clad in Elizabethan attire, suggesting she is playing Queen Elizabeth I, who was last seen onscreen in “The Shakespeare Code,” a story featuring David Tennant as the 10th Doctor. And, while the Time Lord wears his brown suit in that story, his companion at the time was Martha (Freema Agyeman), which doesn’t jibe with the confirmed information that Doctor No. 10 is returning with Rose (Billie Piper) in tow.


Mysterious scarlet woman

But I have an explanation for how that could work. Remember the end of “The Shakespeare Code,” when Queen Elizabeth (Angela Pleasence) calls the Doctor her “sworn enemy,” suggesting that they had met sometime in her past? Well, the Doctor hadn’t met her yet, so perhaps this Zygon story will explain the circumstances of the Time Lord becoming the queen’s enemy! She met a later version of the 10th Doctor some years before 1599, the setting of “The Shakespeare Code.” (But what was this later 10th Doctor doing with Rose? Perhaps Ms. Tyler was taken out of time separately.)

But there is another candidate for the time period. “Tooth and Claw,” Tennant’s second story as the 10th Doctor, is the only story that features the 10th Doctor in his brown suit, Rose and a queen — in this case Victoria — and it is set in 1879 Scotland. The Zygons were definitely in Scotland at the time, their ship having crashed “centuries before” 1975, according to Zygon leader Broton.

Like “The Shakespeare Code,” “Tooth and Claw” is not a perfect match for the circumstances — the main problem being that Victoria was gray-haired by 1879, when she dubbed the Time Lord as Sir Doctor of TARDIS and his companion Dame Rose of Powell Estate.

So maybe it’s an all-new story and Page is playing Mary, Queen of Scots?

One thought on “A Big Hint About the 10th Doctor’s Reappearance…

  1. It’s easy. What people are assuming is that it’s the tenth doctor. Now on future pics that have been leaked check out the TARDIS. IT’S WRONG! It’s wrong for both Ten and Eleven therefore it’s an all new adventure and there has been a tear in time or worlds which have made Handy and his lady Rose smash back into our universe.


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