The Zygons Are Coming! The Zygons Are Coming (Back)!


A 2013 Zygon

Whatever else happens in the upcoming 50th anniversary of DOCTOR WHO story, the Doctor will have a worthy adversary: the Zygons!

Yes, the BBC has announced that the Zygons — beloved by legions of fans who have been calling for the return of the visually arresting shapeshifters for three decades — will finally return to tangle with the Doctor in a story written by Steven Moffat.

Make that Doctors. Because, as previously noted, David Tennant will be returning as the 10th Doctor to aid his future self, 11th Doctor Matt Smith, in the special episode. He will once again be joined by Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). Add Jenna-Louise Coleman’s Clara, and the seafood-looking, whispering wanderers from a long-dead homeworld will never know what hit them!
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We Could Have Guessed The Wolverine’s Plot

So, after months of teasing in an attempt to build fan buzz for a movie sequel that no one asked for, the first real trailers for James Mangold’s The Wolverine have surfaced — and the one slated for international exposure is much better than the U.S. domestic clip.

First, take a look at the U.S. trailer, which does explain what the movie is about:

Now consider the international trailer, which features a couple of tiny glimpses of the Silver Samurai (Will Yun Lee) in his comic book costume, which is entirely absent from the U.S. footage. It also does a better job of telling us what the storyline is:

The deadly chick with the red hair is Yukio, played by newcomer Rila Fukushima, and the old dude making Logan the offer is Yashida, portrayed by Hal Yamanouchi (whom some of you may remember as the evil father in the underrated Chris Evans/Dakota Fanning mutant movie, Push).

I have to confess that I groaned when I heard Yashida offer Wolverine a way to take away his healing factor. Does every X-Men-related movie have to be about coming up with a way to “cure” the mutants? It’s so boring to see the same plot used over and over and over. Plus, hello, they’re mutants — they were born that way. How could there be a cure for that?