Make Room for Clara in Season 8

doctormotoclaraJenna-Louise Coleman confirmed that she will play Clara in the eighth series of DOCTOR WHO — however, the show is going on a filming hiatus this year to give Matt Smith (the Doctor) time to go to Hollywood and shoot his first leading movie role.

Smith nabbed the lead in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, How To Catch a Monster, so DOCTOR WHO will have to be put on hold while he works in Hollywood. Production of WHO will resume in September with the Christmas Special and then the next season.

Since the production will be waiting for Matt, it’s obvious that he’s still in it, although producer Marcus Wilson (unhelpfully) would only say, “We want [Matt] to stay the Doctor for as long as possible.” Show-runner Steven Moffat was almost equally unhelpful, declaring, “[Matt is staying] forever. For the rest of Time.” This being a Steven Moffat series, who knows just how long Time has left?

Moffat did, however, confirm the Christmas Special and series eight:

“Of course there’s going to be a Christmas special. Santa will also visit your house. Yes, all is as it was. I’ve just started planning the next series, and I’m going to swing [the arc] a slightly different way again.”


Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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