Ice Warriors 2.0 Unveiled

icewarrior2.001Here is it, folks, the much-anticipated new, updated design of that classic DOCTOR WHO monster, the Ice Warrior! These reptilian giants have not been seen on the show since 1974, and they are returning in style!

I absolutely love this look! It’s amazing! It perfectly crystalizes what the 1960s designers were going for way back when the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) first met the noble race: proud warriors. It is most important to realize that the creature is wearing armor — this is not meant to represent its skin. It’s battle armor, and as such it should be a bit bulky to be protective but still allow the warrior to move. The biggest fault with the old design was that actors had difficulty moving. This iteration looks like a creature wearing sturdy armor.

But thanks to modern design sense — and costume construction techniques — we get the update that this classic monster deserves. The sharp-eyed among you have no doubt noticed the disappearance of the old pincer hands — the “clamps.” I would love to see those return as a sort of specialized glove.

April 13 will be a momentous day, indeed, when these green-armored creatures are encountered again, in a new story written by Mark Gatiss that pits the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) against Ice Warriors on a Russian submarine. Will it be called “The Hunt for Green October”?


Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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