Former Companion Told ‘Keep the Days Free’

leela_Classic DOCTOR WHO companion Louise Jameson (Leela) said something very interesting recently on Twitter — something that was almost what we’ve been waiting to hear!

Responding to a Tweet from a fan who suggested s/he would cry if the 5oth anniversary doesn’t include at least one past Doctor, Jameson typed:

“None of us knows yet what’s going on, just told to keep the days free.”

“Keep the days free?” For what — filming? And filming what — a new multi-Doctor story or some kind of documentarry? Who’s “us”? What does her Doctor, Tom Baker, know (if anything)?

It makes perfect sense that old companions would accompany previous Doctors — and with Steven Moffat reportedly writing the anniversary story right now, it’s no biggie that the erstwhile Leela has no real idea what’s happening. But the wording of what she Tweeted implied very strongly that more than one of the Doctor’s old assistants have been contacted and told to sit tight — and be available.

Now, game-playing is all well and good for the Celestial Toymaker and BBC executives, but fans are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with the reticence of The-Powers-That-Be because 96 percent of the rumors online are disappointing and pointing toward an underwhelming celebratory year. But I continue to hold out hope that the Beeb knows what a treasure it has in DOCTOR WHO and won’t risk alienating fans by hand-waving 50 years of loyalty.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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