The Dress That Was a DOCTOR WHO Monster Waiting to Happen

purplesidepurplebackI’ve never seen a dress that was more ready to be a villain on DOCTOR WHO than Jennifer Garner‘s wine-colored Oscar dress, which seemed intended to use as much fabric as possible.

There’s even this photo of Jennifer at right that looke like she’s running away from the fluffery on her own back. Call it a Giant Purple People-Eater claiming its first victim right in front of everyone!

As soon as I saw this Gucci dress I thought, “What a monstrosity,” and instantly pictured it as the baddie in a particularly low-budgted episode, perhaps from the Peter Davison era, or season 24 Sylvester McCoy.

Tell me you can imagine it, too: “Doctor Who vs. the Giant Purple People-Eater.” You can run, Jen, but they will bite you in the end!

What do you think: Is this dress a menace? What would be its weakness? (I’m thinking hubris.)

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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