Set your TARDIS for Easter: DOCTOR WHO Returns March 30

mazzajazzaFinally, some good news from across the pond — and on these shores — to delight my fellow DOCTOR WHO fans! The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) is returning a tiny bit sooner than expected — but what else would you expect from the Time Lord with questionable timing?

The BBC has announced that the second half of season seven will premiere on Saturday, March 30. And BBC America has confirmed that it will air the new episodes on the same day as the BBC. There will be eight new episodes, so the show is looking at a May finale, just like many American series. (BTW, the finale has been shooting in Scotland, leading to speculation that the story is set… in Scotland. Possibly in the Victorian Age.)

Surely you remember that the Christmas Special, “The Snowmen,” left us with a cliff-hanger revelation about Clara Oswin Oswald (Jenna Louise Coleman), and that lead writer Steven Moffat has promised to tease us with clues about her. Personally, I like the idea of this mysterious companion, since we haven’t seen this sort of intrigue since Turlough and the Fifth Doctor.

Upcoming episodes include stories with new monsters, old enemies and a visit to the bowels of the TARDIS. There will be two stories written by LUTHER creator Neil Cross and another Neil Gaiman-penned sure-to-be-classic that should reinvigorate the Cybermen.

BBC America is also spoiling U.S. fans with 11 new, 25-minute documentaries, one for each of the Doctors, in order. The first installment, The Doctor Revisited: The First Doctor, kicks off this Sunday, Jan. 27,  at 9 p.m. ET, and will be followed by an airing of “The Aztecs.”

I think it’s an amazingly positive sign that BBC America is willing to invest in original programming connected to DOCTOR WHO. I know it’s a clear ratings winner for the network, and it’s great to see them nurturing it by cultivating the fan base.

So hang in there, folks; new WHO is on the way! But to tide you over (and whet your appetites), have another look at the “Coming Soon” trailer from BBC:

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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