DOCTOR WHO 7.5 Promises Some Good Stuff

Who’s this? It’s Rachael Stirling as Ada Gillyflower in “The Crimson Horror.”

Who’s this? It’s Rachael Stirling as Ada Gillyflower in “The Crimson Horror.”

When the back half of series seven of DOCTOR WHO finally commences — most likely sometime in April — there will be some scary stuff coming down the pike, according to the director of two of those episodes, Saul Metzstein.

The first up is episode 11, “The Crimson Horror,” by Mark Gatiss (his second story in this half of the season, following episode 8). Metzstein describes it thusly:

“It’s very tight, and has its own peculiar particularities. Its own unique flavor. It’s very funny. Terribly creepy. It’s from that genre of DOCTOR WHO where the Doctor doesn’t appear till some way into the episode. I’ve been watching some old DOCTOR WHO, and it’s that type of episode. Also, it has a massive flashback in the middle of it, which is unusual for a program about time-travel! I like its odd structure.”

The director is also helming the finale, penned by Steven Moffat, but is far more closed-mouthed, saying only, “It has genuinely scary monsters. Wait and see!”

SPOILERS! Details of Neil Gaiman’s story are revealed after the cut…

The rest of the season includes two stories written by Neil Cross. While he is new-to-WHO, Cross is well-known for creating the hard-hitting LUTHER.  And hopefully his second episode will bear the Lovecraftian title “The Hider in the House,” rather than the clunky “Phantoms of the Hex.”

"The Last Cyberman"

“The Last Cyberman”

Here’s the lineup of the rest of the season:

Episode 7.07: Written by Cross.

Episode 7.08: “The Cold War,” written by Gatiss.

Episode 7.09: “Phantom of the Hex,” written by Cross.

Episode 7.10: “Journey to the Center of the TARDIS,” written by Stephen Thompson.

Episode 7.11: “The Crimson Horror,” by Gatiss.

Episode 7.12: “The Last Cyberman,” written by Neil Gaiman.

Episode 7.13: Written by Moffat.

So it appears this 50th-anniversary year will be kicking off with a series of bangs!

ETA: Confirmed name of Cross’ second story.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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