Frank Darabont to Rewrite Godzilla Script

Concept art for the Godzilla reboot by Legendary

Concept art for the Godzilla reboot by Legendary

That surprise Godzilla reboot that we — and by we I mean me — were suddenly salivating over has hit a few creative bumps in the road. Don’t worry, director Gareth Edwards (Monsters) is still onboard, but the producers who have been shepherding the project have been jettisoned.

But first the good news: Frank Darabont — who developed THE WALKING DEAD for AMC — has been tapped to rewrite the script. No word on whether this is a complete rewrite or just a polish, but since the term “rewrite” was being bandied about, it’s a pretty sure thing that he’s doing more than “punching up the dialogue.” (The original version of the screenplay was written by Max Borenstein, known for The Seventh Son.)

Darabont is a great choice, because he’s an experienced script doctor and he knows his way around genre material. I loved his script for The Mist, but most people know him for penning two other Stephen King properties, The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. Darabont knows all about adapting licensed material, so the big green guy is in good hands.

And more different hands. No one knows — well, no is telling — what happened, but Legendary Pictures has cut producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee out of the picture by exercising their pay-or-play contract clause, meaning they are being paid to walk away. Their names will be taken off the film and they will not share in any Godzilla revenue. Lin is a big cheese producer at Warner Bros, so one wonders if Legendary isn’t making some big enemies with this move.