A New Year, a Task Ended



Welcome to 2013. Please hold your applause until Dec. 31, in case this year turns out to be as rotten as 2012.

One year ago today, I committed to the Postaday 2012 program with blog and my companion photoblog, Joe’s Camera Obscura, meaning that I pledged to post at least once a day on both blogs every day of 2012. I don’t know if I could do it, but I saw it as a challenge and test of discipline — and I managed to succeed. I posted every day without fail. Of course, not every one of them was a gem, but I was proud of a great deal of them.

I’m not fishing for compliments or applause. I know this is largely a personal victory. Most people I mention this to stare blankly, as if I’m speaking Klingon. But I’m proud that I did it, and on two blogs, no less.

That said, I will not be repeating the feat in 2013. Been there, done that. I will still blog, to be sure; just not every day. I’d like to think that fewer posts will mean more high-quality entries, and more enjoyable reading for anyone who sticks around to read. (I’ve also heard that people get annoyed by bloggers who post every day because it clogs up their queues of unread material, but… well, that’s on lazy readers, not productive writers.)

Anyway, I wish everyone a healthy and happy new year, and I’ll meet back here next time…