Stuff I Liked (and Didn’t Like) in 2012

bettmandevilBack when I worked at a different magazine (no longer in business) we always did that thing that magazines do to fill space to inform the reader: the year-end review. I miss those halcyon days of arguing whether the year’s “Worst Plot Twist” was a child a woman didn’t remember giving birth to, or a the latest perfect doppelganger in town. So I’m going to indulge a little a make up a Best/Worst List of Stuff I’m Interested In – which, if you’ve been reading along at home, could be just about anything.

Worst Stalled Negotiations: Forget the so-called “fiscal cliff” – we still haven’t had any NHL hockey! I hope the league owners will realize what greedy idiots they have been in the coming days and back the hell off their unreasonable demands. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is the devil.


Favorite Movie: The Avengers

Most Disappointing Movie: The Dark Knight Rises

Most Unfairly Pilloried Movie: Prometheus

Most Unfairly Overlooked by the Geek Community: Dredd

Most Surprising Movie (in a Good Way): The Amazing Spider-Man


Moonrise Kingdom

Most Surprising Movie (in a Bad Way): The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Zzzzzzz

Most Thought-Provoking Superhero Movie: Chronicle

Movie That Was Not What I Expected at All: Looper

Movie That Best Rewards Its Viewers: The Cabin in the Woods

Movie You Should See But Probably Missed: Moonrise Kingdom

Best Director: Wes Anderson, Moonrise Kingdom

Favorite Director: Joss Whedon, The Avengers


Favorite Series: Doctor Who

Best Series: The Walking Dead

Favorite Storyline: “The Fall of the Ponds,” Doctor Who

Best Single Episode: “The Angels Take Manhattan,” Doctor Who

"The Angels Take Manhattan"

“The Angels Take Manhattan”

Best New Series: Revolutionand Elementary, by default. Those two are the only newcomers that held my interest even vaguely for more than one episode.

Worst New Series: Everything; nothing made me feel like I had to set the DVR – so I didn’t.

Best Couple: Amy and Rory, Doctor Who

Worst Couple: Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson, Elementary. Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu have absolutely zero chemistry.


Biggest Travesty: Replacement officials in the NFL

Worst Twist of Fate: Detroit Lions lose a game based on a technicality about head coaches appealing scoring plays, which are automatically appealed by rule now.  The resulting abortion travesty absolutely cost the Lions the game – and possibly their entire season. The idea that tossing the appeal flag results in not only a 15-yard penalty but the play is NOT reviewed at all is beyond ludicrous.

Down but... not really

Down but… not really

Runner-up Travesty: Seattle Seahawks awarded a touchdown despite Green Bay interception. This was the straw that broke the back of replacement officials. Deservedly so.

And, finally…

Worst Doomsday: The Mayan Apocalypse. Because it was neither the end of the world nor Mayan…

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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