2012’s Most Disappointing Movie Is…

The Dark Knight Rises really was not at the top of my must-see list for 2012 — it was closer the to the middle of the pack — but that’s no excuse for the film to be more disappointing than any other feature I screened this year. It’s particularly bad because the superhero flicks The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man turned out far better than I had anticipated.

This video clip sums up the more obvious sins of TDKR in about 3 minutes.

The one aspect this video doesn’t cover is how the movie as a whole simply did not gel; it felt like several different writers handled individual sections of the script, and then director Christopher Nolan welded it all together. But the movie doesn’t track; it’s broken up into obvious chapters, but not in a good way.

Plus, the plot doesn’t make any sense. Why did Bane do things the way he did? Why wait so long? Why make the plan about 17 times more complicated than it needed to be? Why go to the trouble of breaking Bruce’s back if you’re just going to gloss over it and have him healed in days or weeks?

And, finally, choosing Bane for the villain doomed the movie from the outset, in my book. Bane was a gimmick character created back in the 1990s to ride the coattails of the big “Death of Superman” storyline. DC Comics couldn’t simply kill Batman, too, so the company decided to break his back and let someone else become the Bat.

Sadly, TDKR sank to the level of that comic book storyline.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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