Most Interesting DOCTOR WHO Clip Yet

At least for the Christmas Special, this is the most informative trailer yet released. As short as it is, most of the scenes are brand-new, we hear Sir Ian McKellen’s voice in character (Minor spoiler: It’s awesome!), and we get a sense of how Jenna-Louise Coleman’s Clara behaves.

My favorite part was the bit about Clara dragging the Doctor (Matt Smith) by the hand. (“That’s always me!” Hilarious.) From all the talk of snow, one might expect the episode’s logline to be “Winter Is Coming” — but apparently that one is already taken.

From this and all the other clips and photos seen so far, it would appear that Richard E. Grant does nothing but sneer in this episode; he’s a better actor than that. I really like the music used in this clip; is it from the episode?

DOCTOR WHO’s Xmas present arrives in America at 9 p.m. on BBC America on Christmas Day.

The TARDIS Gets a New Interior!

tardistopIn addition to introducing a new companion, the DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special, “The Snowmen,” will see the debut of a new console room in the TARDIS!

The new set was designed by production designer Michael Pickwoad, and the BBC have released this teaser photo — which appears to be the top of the main console. This will be the TARDIS interior for the Doctor and Clara at least through the back eight episodes of series seven in 2013.

This design — from what I can see of it — certainly is a departure from the Doctor’s current “desktop.” And it looks like the central console will be well-lit, at least. All that Gallifreyan writing is interesting, but I think there’s too much of it, and it’s too big.

In the words of the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) himself, “I don’t like it.” But perhaps it will grow on me. Like coral.