Ready for THE Man of Steel?

Well, I’d say 93 percent of my doubts about next summer’s Man of Steel have been put to rest by this trailer. This is the visually dazzling work we’ve come to expect from Zack Snyder (Watchmen, Sucker Punch). The only lingering doubt is the storytelling; will Snyder be able to win over the audiences that need to be led by the hand through a movie.

I’m not entirely sure we need to see Superman’s origin retold again, but if there’s a good story attached to it, well, why not? The Amazing Spider-Man managed to put a fun spin on Spidey’s beginnings, so it can be done. And perhaps familiarity will help the audience.

I’m still not sold on Kevin Costner as Pa Kent, and he’s certainly not shown in the best light here. But Costner got more screen time than Russell Crowe as Jor-El.

Man of Steel takes off on June 14, 2013.