Karen Berger Leaves DC Comics

karenbergerThis is momentous – and momentously bad – news for DC Comics: Karen Berger, the editorial genius responsible for nurturing the talents and stories that became the Vertigo imprint, has stepped down from DC. Her tremendous influence will be missed.

If you love Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, or Jamie Delano‘s Hellblazer, or Grant Morrison‘s Preacher, or titles like Y – The Last Man, Fables and so many more, you owe thanks to Karen Berger. It was Berger who put Alan Moore on the struggling Swamp Thing title and let him completely revamp the character; she guided his growth from British wunderkind to comics phenomenon on the title that made his bones in the USA. And, along the way, she midwifed the rebirth of the horror comic in America. Swamp Thing became a phenomenon, and so did Moore, paving the way for Watchmen and more.
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