Report Back to Me About ‘Europa Report’ Trailer!

Today is Dec. 1, so I think it’s appropriate to look at something chilling: An excellent trailer for an upcoming sci-fi thriller. If this teaser doesn’t get you interested in a film you’ve never heard of, then nothing will…

The Europa Report is a science-fiction movie starring Sharlto Copley (of District 9 fame) that appears to be about a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa. It is directed by a fellow from Ecuador named Sebastian Cordero.

The website mentioned at the end of the clip makes reference to life potentially lurking in the water underneath a crust of ice.

Damn it, Europa was the one place is the entire solar system that Arthur C. Clarke’s Monoliths warned Earthlings to leave alone in the book/movie 2010: The Year We Make Contact: “Attempt no landing there.” Why didn’t they listen? Why do scientists never listen…

One thought on “Report Back to Me About ‘Europa Report’ Trailer!

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