Look Out! It’s a Kaiju Attack!

Well, we were warned! Earlier today we heard a test of the Kaiju Emergency Alert System, but apparently that was not enough to save the city of San Francisco from the wrath of a 300-foot tall creature with a taste for national landmarks!

Obviously, for my money, this is a better teaser for Pacific Rim than the earlier test clip, because it is much more exciting.

While the “found footage” effect is normally jarring, I think it’s acceptable here because it is a short clip, and the shaky, broken-up images convey a sense of confusion and fear. However, if the entirety of Pacific Rim is shot in this fashion, I will not be pleased. I could not stand another entire feature of vibrating picture frames, snow and blackouts along with blown-out sound. But I trust Guillermo del Toro to deliver a film, not just a gimmick movie.