Neil Gaiman Talks About the Doctor’s New Companion

With excitement (and hype) building for the DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special, let’s see what one of the best writers in the world thinks about the Doctor’s new assistant!

We all know that Neil “I’ve won almost every award under the sun” Gaiman has scripted the 12th episode of the current season, “The Last Cyberman,” but you may not have realized that back when he was actually penning the script, he was writing for a new companion that had not even been cast yet. So how did he do it?

Gaiman kept in constant contact with show-runner Steven Moffat. “Steven sent me his ideas and the beginnings of scripts,” Gaiman said. “Once the auditions started, he even sent me videos.”

Ah, so that’s the secret: Get the scoop directly from the character’s creator. So, what sort of character is Jenna-Louise Coleman‘s Clara? How does she differ from other recent assistants?

“Jenna-Louise Coleman is very different from Amy, Rose or Sarah Jane. The dialogue is completely different, just as it is with the various Doctors. But some things don’t change: The companion will always be intelligent and brave, and the Doctor will always be funny, annoying and strange, and he will always succeed in getting out of inextricable situations.”

So there you have it: Even with a new companion, it’s business as usual in the TARDIS. Although it does sound like Clara will not be as headstrong and impulsive as the other companions mentioned – each of whom thought nothing of striking off on her own and getting tangled up in the action. Could Jenna-Louise’s character be a throwback to the old “What’s that, Doctor?” companion? No way. That would not play with today’s audiences. Clearly, Clara must be something in the middle.

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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