DOCTOR WHO Christmas Prequel Tonight!

Remember when I talked about the BBC’s Children in Need telethon coming up soon? Well, “soon” is “now.”

The charity program will feature a specially made prequel to the DOCTOR WHO Christmas episode. The story is a stand-alone and leads directly into episode six of series seven. An exclusive trailer for the Xmas episode will include Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman onscreen and in character as the 11th Doctor and his new companion, Clara.

To the right we see a photo released to promote the special program, and the Doctor (Matt Smith) certainly looks a lot darker than usual! It’s rather broody, suggesting the Doctor’s anguish over the loss of Amy and Rory. And, he’s outside the TARDIS.

Follow the jump for a look at Jenna-Louise in costume!

Here she is,”Clara Oswin” herself, having what appears to be a serious conversation with the Doctor. He seems rather emphatic, doesn’t he. Looks like there’s som snow on the ground, but the background looks artificially blurred out to me. I wonder what the BBC might be hiding…

From this angle, I cannot discern much about Clara’s costume, but it seems period-appropriate.

What do you think of the Doctor’s new style? What about Clara’s dress sense? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Merry (very) early Christmas!

Oh, yeah? Sez you!

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