Do you know what today is, all you long-deprived BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fans? Today is the day that the long-delayed BSG: Blood & Chrome is finally available as a free web series of  10 episodes, each 7- to 12-minutes long, on Machinima’s YouTube channel, Machinima Prime.

William “The Old Man” Adama was not born in command of a battlestar; he had to work his way up through the ranks. BSG:B&C is his story, beginning with his enlistment as a pilot in the First Cylon War. The action-hungry young Adama (Luke Pasqualino) is assigned to the Galactica as a Viper pilot – but his war-weary co-pilot, Coker (Ben Colton), just wants to survive the next 47 days to complete his tour of duty.

Watch this clip of Adama piloting a classic Viper in a dogfight with two old-school Cylon raiders:

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