One of the clichés that absolutely drives me up the wall (and across the ceiling) is a character saying “There’s a storm coming” as foreshadowing of some big conflict that then occurs when the storm hits. (Yes, I wanted to walk out during The Dark Knight Rises when Selina Kyle/Catwoman whispered that line.) It’s just too on-the-nose for me, and makes me think the character feels smug for using such a brilliant metaphor. Ugh. Don’t characters in movies ever go to the movies, or even watch TV?

However, in this case, as disappointed as I was to hear Sister Mary Eunice utter that line so early in the episode, I could live with it because AHS:A wasted no time distracting me with its trademark weirdness. So, although the storm was constantly harped upon, it didn’t feel like a lame storytelling device. (Maybe the fact that my area had just weathered Superstorm Sandy left me more willing to accept the horrors of nature as a real threat, not just a metaphor.)
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