Dexter Shakes It Up

By its seventh season, most shows are running out of ideas, so you often see radical changes — like adding a kid or changing the format or  bringing in a lot of  new supporting characters, and the show is never really the same. DEXTER is in its seventh season, and the producers have changed the format in a big way — but without ruining the show. In fact, the series has been revitalized, and I am impressed by how good DEXTER has been this season.

Last season’s umbrella story of the Doomsday Killers was interesting, but I think  it stumbled in the execution; there wasn’t quite enough meat to the story of the aspiring serial killer played by Colin Hanks and his mentor, played by Edward James Olmos. (Perhaps casting two such well-known faces also got in the way of suspending our disbelief. But then again, it worked with John Lithgow in season four.
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